NWI Jam is a grass-roots volunteer group of local fans in the Northwest Indiana and surrounding areas covering their favorite local jambands and bands we feel fans of jambands would go see.

Jambands and their fans have always been a grassroots community and filling in gaps where needed. Everything from the fans taping live shows and trading them evolving all the way to to Jambase, Shakedown Street, etc. the fans are what keeps the bands going.
Jambands have long utilized or even invented newer technology including Grateful Dead using opposing mics to reduce feedback, building the wall of sound, and more.
It’s what makes the genre work without the need for the top 40 stations.

We all love our local bands and we are really blessed to have such great musicians in the northwest Indiana area…but we at NWI Jam think the fans want to share their love of these bands with the world.
Many of us have our own blogs, photo collections, and You-tube channels, or just collect setlists. This is a collective, bringing all this together into one story that people can read and share with their friends.
NWI Jam is a grassroots collaboration of fans that go see local NWI jambands and report in their way on it.

If you like taping shows, taking photos or video, feel free to leave a link to your collection for that concert in the comments and we will add links to the stories to your work.
We are looking for like minded people that would like to collaborate with our group creating the stories. If you are interested in any manner please contact us for further information.

NWI Jam is going to cover the local bands jamband fans would go out and see. The fans are our volunteer writers, photogs, and videographers.

The site was started at the beginning of January 2020 and what we originally started as is quickly becoming a great organized resource for everyone. We hope you feel the same and follow along.

Much Love and Peace!

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