A Little 4/20 Joy From Chester Brown

Chester Brown announced the release of their new album Bus Stop Betty for digital release on 4/20/2020 at https://chesterbrown.bandcamp.com/ and hard copy available soon on their website at chesterbrown.org.

The album was recorded at Studio Chicago by Dan Stienman in 2013, then mixed at Skip Saylor Studios and mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering in 2019. The cover art was done by Ian Stetler.

Nate and the band send their well wishes to everyone and are still looking forward to seeing everyone at Brown Town this year.

From the bands page: “Chester Brown’s third studio album, and first album in 9 years! This album is a trippy, rocking album that was recorded in the summer of 2013 and finally available for your listening enjoyment.”

Chester Brown is:
Tim Vanderlin – Guitar and Vocals
Nate Vanderlin – Keyboard and Vocals
Dominic Puglisi – Bass and Vocals
Mike Kneeland – Guitar
Tony Dellumo – Drums and Vocals

I know we can’t wait to get back to seeing some live, in person, music!

Be sure to stay tuned to the NWI Jam Facebook page, we’re trying to keep music flowing every evening if possible with all the live streams showing up.


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