jam.band Coalition

When we started the NWI Jam site and it took off I started thinking how great it would be to replicate this idea in other areas? I was thinking what could I call it? iJam? I started looking at domains taken and jam.band was still available so I grabbed it and slowly we’ve been meeting people in other regions.

Of course there would be no way for us to cover other areas, but if you have a site like ours reporting on the happenings of your local jamband scene, we’d like to sister up with you on jam.band and create the jam.band Coalition. This would give us all a place to post bigger events, local musicians that may get further out of the area than most, and hopefully help our favorite jambands expand their areas.

If you’re not so tech savvy but think you could write content for a site like this, we may be able to help you out getting started.

Email us at nwijams@gmail.com if you are interested!

Love and Peace!

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