NWI Jam Bands

Listed below are bands and links to their pages of the bands we have covered or look forward to covering in the future.



Formerly known as The All Good Things Band, the energy this band delivers is insane.


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Chester Brown

Hometown: Chesterton, IN

A must see act with several original albums and hosts a music festival called Brown Town every June.




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Dead to Rights

Hometown: Valparaiso, IN

These young talented musicians recreate the aura of the Grateful Dead everywhere they go.


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Fresh Hops

Hometown: Valparaiso, IN

Fresh Hops is a touring 5 piece Multi-Genre bending, Rock band from Northwest Indiana. The band formed in March 2008 as a musical improvisational outlet among friends. Now Fresh Hops has evolved into a captivating, high energy live act.

The group has seen numerous line ups and instrument inclusion which has led to an eclectic mix of sounds and atmospheres. As writers and performers Fresh Hops constantly blurs the lines between genres and style, often during the course of a single song.

That “anything goes” attitude has translated to a stage show that remains fresh and fun from show to show. The realization that jazz, classic soul, bluegrass, classical, metal and progressive jam rock can all shake hands and play nice has guided them to create remarkable tunes from an ever-expanding palette.


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Joe Marcinek

Hometown: Crown Point, IN

What can’t you like about Joe and any blend of his music and talented musicians he may bring out?
Joe Marcinek Band is an experience you will never forget. That is because each show features a different lineup of musicians creating a different set of music every night. The music is equal parts Chicago Blues, New Orleans Funk, Grateful Dead Psychedelia, and Jazz Fusion!  
Joe Marcinek tours nationally from New York to LA and everywhere in between. Most of the lineups will only happen one time making every night a can’t miss show.

http://www.joemarcinekband.com/ https://www.facebook.com/JoeMarcinekBand/

Email him: joemarcinekband@gmail.com

Mr. Blotto

Hometown: Chicago

Chicago’s original jamband – This band always brings the following and hosts Hotel Blotto.




Phantom Zone

Hometown: Valparaiso, IN

This band started off as friends playing extended versions of a lot of great classic rock covers with mind bending melts in between and has evolved to writing their first originals and starting on their first album. Keep an eye out for these guys.


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Stealin’ the Farm

Hometown: Michigan City

A little bit of jamcest going on here with Mike Kneeland from Chester Brown, Pat Conway formerly of Funkshoe, Justin Belcher, and Marcus Safirt.


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Strings Beyond Description

Hometown: Dyer, IN

This entertaining little bluegrass band will have you humming along to originals and covers in ways you’ve never heard. It’s literally beyond description.


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To be added:

  • Beer Hippies
  • Ron Buffington
  • Cat Man Dog – Fresh Hops side project?
  • Cognitive Blue
  • Robert Rolfe Feddersen
  • Gato
  • Greg Ashby
  • Johnny V
  • Eric Lambert
  • The Lazy Lightning Band
  • Midwest Hype
  • Planetary Blues
  • Reggae Express
  • Rusted Strings Band
  • The Sideshow
  • The UNiT
  • Echoes of Pompeii
  • Buddy Pearson/Marco Villarreal combos
  • If you’re not on this list yet, please don’t be offended, we’re still putting it together.
  • Feel free to send a message to add more!

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