Band Cancellations

We have entered an unprecedented time in history. If you have a cancellation, there is no shame and NWI Jam wants to help make sure we get the word out. We will continue to update this page as we find out more.

Listed below are the bands/venues cancelling due to the nationally declared emergency. You and your family’s health should come first. Please email if I haven’t caught your notification yet.

When we first started this page the ban had not gone into effect, but we were being asked. It’s safe to assume no one is going to be having a gig in the near future until the ban has lifted, however check our YouTube channel for playlists of some of our favorite local artists while we settle in to our homes for a bit and figure out how to live stream a private show to you.

Bands that check in or we catch their cancellation we’ll add to the list to get the word out to your fans.

Bands Checking In with Cancellations (cancelled until the ban is lifted):

  • AllGood/Justin Golday Solo
  • Steve Ball
  • Chester Brown
  • Angelo Cicco
  • Dead to Rights
  • Fresh Hops/Cat Man Dog
  • Gato/Darren Grigsby
  • Jason Russel
  • Stealin’ the Farm
  • Strings Beyond Description

Friday – March 20th:

  • Tommy Thompson @ Quaker Steak and Lube

While we’re all at home go give these guys a like on their page.


Dead to Rights @ Franklin House

There was a party at Franklin House Friday night when Dead to Rights took the stage. The bar was packed with people dancing all night.

Dead to Rights is:

  • Andrew Maar – guitar and vocals
  • Robbie Gas – guitar and vocals
  • Casey (Jones) Papp – bass
  • Colin Vanorder – drums
  • Rob Gass (The Dad to Rights) – percussion

Rob Gass (Dad to Rights? Grateful Dad?) can be credited with turning these guys onto Grateful Dead recordings on their trips back and forth to college and they quickly started learning how to play them and they do it very well. All night long the songs were tight musically even with the melting transitions between songs. You could tell dad was proud.

Dead to Rights first formed in June of 2018 but only played about 6 shows that year while everyone was still in college. Now that they’re out, they’ve played 36 shows since May of 2019 and the Burn’em Brewing 4/20ish Fest on the 18th will mark their 50th show. See the NWI Jam Calendar for more information.

Show 37 will be their second time at the Cubby Bear on March 12th with special guest Dan Moulder from Cream Puff Warriors. Michael Coleone from Terrapin Flyer sat in with them at their first show:

Gato @ Martini’s Saturday

Gato came to Martini’s in Valparaiso with the full band Saturday night, the bar was full of NWI music fans and they were ready to dance.

Gato, Spanish for cat, is:

  • Darren Grigsby (Dr. D) – electric guitar, harmonica, and vocals
  • Rocco Labriola – pedal steel and electric guitar
  • Danny Moore – acoustic guitar and keyboards
  • Tommy Mitchell – bass
  • Kevan Watson – drums

These are some cool jamming cats.

Chatting with Rocco, he had just moved to the region from Chicago in September of 2016 and met Darren jamming with Steve Ball at Duffy’s Place. Darren needed a band for a memorial tribute to Blind Melon’s late singer Shannon Hoon at the Lafayette Theater and the rest is history. Have a listen to their first show here.

The great thing about Gato is you never know what each night is going to bring you. When I saw them in December at Knuckleheads as a four piece I wanted to write something around the lines of “This is the Workingmans’s Dead” but I felt it would really fall short of how great this band is because they go well beyond the Grateful Dead and get funky at times, Reggae at others, blues, you name it, they are a band with their own unique style attributed to all of the members.

This band is so respected among the other musicians, we counted at least members of 4 other bands in the audience Saturday enjoying a night of music. Gato’s shows are always worth the listen and will get you moving.

Wednesday Roundup – St. Paddy’s Day Edition

It’s St. Paddy’s Day weekend – Get the green beer ready and make sure you have your green on this weekend, unless you enjoy getting pinched.


  • Steve Ball hosts an Open Mic at Lincoln Flats in Valparaiso at 8 PM.
  • Fresh Hops & Friends host The Jam at Beer Geeks in Highland starting at 8 PM.
  • Jeff Massey and Greg Ashby are at Finnegan’s Pub in Dyer at 8 PM also.


  • Dead to Rights is back at the Cubby Bear in Chicago at 8 PM – last time they had a special guest, don’t miss this if you can make it out.
  • The Acoustic Jam and Open Table Potluck at Paul Henry’s Art Gallery in Hammond starts at 7.
  • Billy and the Kid (Jason Russell) host an open mic at Local Option in Michigan City at 7 PM.
  • Steve Ball Acoustic is at The Abbey in Aberdeen, Valparaiso at 7 PM.


  • Steve Ball Acoustic is at The Lighthouse in Cedar Lake at 6:30 PM.
  • New Groove (Jessica Johnson, Eric Norman, Jason Russell) are at Zorn Brew Works at 8 PM.
  • The Lazy Lightning Band comes to Valpo to Steal Duffy’s Face at 8 PM.
  • Making it a double header in Valpo, we have Reggae Express at Franklin House starting at 10 PM.


  • Dead to Rights plays at Zorn Brewing for a Ramen Pop-Up Competition starting at 6 PM. We’re placing bets Erik Bakrevski’s ramen will take first.
  • AllGood with special guest Stealin’ the Farm are heading to South Bend’s McCormick’s Coney Island Bar for their St. Paddy’s Day party starting at 8 PM (Central Time).
  • Strings Beyond Description Birthday Pickin’ is happening at Finnegan’s Pub in Dyer at 8 PM.
  • Jeff Massey and Greg Ashby are at Up Your Alley in Schererville at 8 PM.

Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!

  • The Rusted Strings Band Grateful Gospel Brunch hosted by LOCAL 219 and Byway Brewing at 10:30 AM. The menu sounds delicious. Check the calendar for more information.
  • After brunch head on over to The Lazy Lightning Band’s Acoustic Afternoon at Anderson’s Winery in Valparaiso at 2 PM.

After Sunday, take a few days off to dry out. We’ll be back with more next week.

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Robert Rolfe Feddersen @ Running Vines Winery

Robert Rolfe Feddersen, his wife Terri and Pat Troy kept the fans laughing and clapping all night at Running Vines Winery in Chesterton Saturday night.

Robert Rolfe Feddersen rolls around many local and not so local wineries and craft breweries within a 5 state area sharing his brand of music and funny stories keeping the audience entertained. One song/story was about him and Terri being stuck in a snowstorm on their way to Kokomo – “It’s negative 5 and this snow must go…” It’s always worth the listen when he’s not out with the Beer Hippies or spinning his vinyl.

Of note from Robert Rolfe Feddersen’s biography is that he received a gold album for the song “Fly” from the movie soundtrack “Varsity Blues” when he was with his band in the 90’s called LOUDMOUTH. Also if you look really closely, he’s playing a right handed guitar upside down left handed. When he was learning there wasn’t any left handed guitars for him to learn on so he just learned to play it upside down.

Robert also hosts the Left of Center program on WVLP 103.1 FM.

Robert Rolfe Feddersen has many original works available through his website:

Be sure to give his Facebook page a like too:

What’s the Scoop on The Scoop

We’ve had a couple of music fans message in wondering who this new group is debuting April 3rd with AllGood at Franklin House. We’re certainly anxiously waiting to hear it.

Justin Albright from the band messaged in and wanted to help us figure it out. The Scoop is composed of Justin Albright on guitar and vocals, Joe Baranowski also on guitar and vocals, Leah Beverly on vocals, Rich Ficek on keyboards, Eric Konefall on drums, Dana Sutter on bass, and Vaso Stojic on percussion.

If some of these names look familiar you may recognize them from these bands:

  • The Diggity – Vaso Stojic, Eric Konefall, and Leah Beverly.
  • Magnasaur and Theo – Dana Sutter
  • The Highway Band, Stealin’ the Farm, and Electric Koolaid – Rich Ficek
  • Marrakesh Express – Joe Baranowski

It certainly is a lineup worth a debut viewing plus AllGood on top of it. We just wonder how they are going to fit everyone on Franklin House’s stage?

Don’t forget to give their Facebook page a like:

Here is the Facebook event:

As always, follow the NWI Jam calendar for updates and more information. Location along with links to the event in the description are contained in the calendar you can link to your own Google calendar.

Weekend Photo Collage – March 6-7, 2020

What a fun weekend! If you’re legs aren’t sore from dancing, you must not have made it out. If you have pictures you’d like to add, email us at and we’ll send you a link to upload them to.

just Just @ Plat 35

Just Justin Golday…what do you mean just?

Cat Man Dog @ Wildrose Brewing – Friday Night

What’s not to love about Fresh Hops “street-style” as we’ll call it?

Stealin’ the Farm @ Kenny’s Westside Pub – Peoria, IL

This was a stretch for any of us to make it out there, however reviewing the awesome live video Kenny’s does, Stealin’ the Farm made did a small pre-release of their new album. More to follow on that, but a little hint – Jake Cinninger from Umphrey’s McGee is on a few tracks. (Guys, want to give us a call?!)

This coming weekend they’re taking over South Bend with AllGood! See the calendar for more.

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Wednesday Roundup – March 4th, 2020

You couldn’t have not had fun last weekend with all the music, another great weekend awaits starting tonight! Don’t forget to Spring forward this weekend.

Tonight – Wednesday March 4th

  • Johnny V Acoustic is at Goblin and the Grocer in Beverly Shores at 7 PM.
  • Steve Ball Open Mic Night at Lincoln Flats in Valparaiso starts at 8 PM.


  • Acoustic Jam and Open Table Potluck at Paul Henry’s Art Gallery in Hammond at 7 PM.
  • Jason Russell and his father (Billy and the Kid) host an open mic at Local Option in Michigan City at 7 PM.
  • Steve Ball from Mr. Blotto has an acoustic evening at Duffy’s Place in Valparaiso at 7 PM.


  • just Just – Justin Golday from AllGood is at Plat 35 in Chesterton at 7 PM.
  • Cat Man Dog is at Wildrose Brewing at 8 PM.
  • Phantom Zone is at Buddy and Pal’s Place in Crown Point at 8:30 PM.
  • Dead to Rights is at the Franklin House in Valparaiso at 10 PM.
  • Stealin’ the Farm gets out of town and plays Kenny’s Westside Pub in Peoria at 10 PM.


  • Reggae Express is at Cool Runnings in Michigan City at 7 PM.
  • Robert Rolfe Feddersen is at Running Vines Winery at 7 PM.
  • Dead to Rights plays Gelsosomo’s Region on Tap in Crown Point at 7:30 PM.
  • Johnny V Acoustic is at Lincoln Flats in Valparaiso at 8:30 PM.
  • Gato comes to Martini’s in Valparaiso at 9 PM.

Next week, Dead to Rights is back at the Cubby Bear on Thursday. Purchase your tickets here:

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Weekend Picture Collage – Leap Day Weekend

It was such a busy weekend for live music no one could have made it to all of them. Our fans caught photos from around the area.

Dead to Rights (Unplugged) @ Blue Point

Phantom Zone @ Duffy’s Place

Lighting provided by Cory Rogers

The UNiT @ (219) Taproom

AllGood continues on the next page!

Weekend Roundup – Post Hotel Blotto

While still working off the long weekend at Hotel Blotto, we’ve been catching up on the calendar for the weekend and it looks like it’s going to be a great leap year party starting tonight. We know you can’t see everyone this weekend, but you can try, right?

If you missed Hotel Blotto, we certainly didn’t and wrote up a recap with fan sourced pictures, video, set lists, you name it, we tried to put it in there. Find it here: Hotel Blotto 2020

Tonight – Wednesday 2/26

  • Fresh Hops and Friends are hosting the Jam @ Beer Geeks from 8-1 PM.
  • Chris Grove and Greg Ashby are at Finnegans Pub from 8-10 PM.


  • 7-10:30 PM – Acoustic Jam and Open Table Potluck @ Paul Henry’s Art Gallery
  • 7-10 PM – Billy and the Kid (Jason Russell) Open Mic @ Local Option
  • 7-10 PM – Robert Rolfe Feddersen @ Zorn Brew Works
  • 8-12 PM – Strings Beyond Description @ Finnegans Pub


  • 6:30-9:30 PM – Strings Beyond Description @ Hailstrom Brewing Co.
  • 8 PM -12 AM – Howlin’ Hoosiers @ Leroy’s Hot Stuff
  • 8 – 11 PM – Dead to Rights (Unplugged) @ Blue Point
  • 9 PM – 1 AM – Phantom Zone @ Duffy’s
  • 9 PM – 12 AM – Cat Man Dog @ Longshots Sports Bar


  • 7-10 PM – Reggae Express @ Elements Wine Bar
  • 8-11 PM – Johnny V @ Craft House
  • 9 PM – 1 AM – AllGood’s Leap Day Party @ Leroy’s Hot Stuff


  • 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM – The Rusted Strings Band – Grateful Gospel Brunch @ Byway Brewing Co.
  • 2 – 5 PM – Robert Rolfe Feddersen @ Off Square Brewing

As always, follow the NWI Jam calendar for updates and more information. Location along with links to the event in the description are contained in the calendar you can link to your own Google calendar.