Chester Brown with Rumpke Mountain Boys Jammin’ on Pink Floyd’s “Have a Cigar”

Another one hot off the press. I can’t wait for June to roll around again. This one is a 9 minute jam of Pink Floyd’s “Have a Cigar” with a couple of the Rumpke Mountain Boys at Brown Town 10 last year. It even includes a dancing T-Rex.

Stealin’ the Farm’s “Take the Time” at Brown Town 10

Still hanging solo at the house (day 9 – ground control to Major Tom?) has given me a lot of time to work on my video and graphics editing skills on some old video I had. Big kudos to everyone keeping the music alive around the area. Here’s Stealin’ the Farm’s “Take the Time” JuneContinue reading “Stealin’ the Farm’s “Take the Time” at Brown Town 10″

Willie Waldman Project Jam – Browntown 10

Another little jam we found of one of our Chesterton natives – the Willie Waldman Project with with J.D. Westmoreland of the Rumke Mountain Boys on bass, Mike Kneeland (Chester Brown and Stealin’ the Farm) on guitar, Tony Dellumo from Chester Brown on percussion, Stealin’ the Farm’s Marcus Safirt on keys, and Bill Roemer (tooContinue reading “Willie Waldman Project Jam – Browntown 10”

Stealin’ the Farm – Crawling Toward the Sunshine at Brown Town 10

We pulled another out of the vault for everyone’s viewing tonight. Stealin’ the Farm at Brown Town 10 last June. Be sure to subscribe to our new YouTube channel. More coming soon. Until then stay safe and be kind.

Chester Brown – One Good Storm from Brown Town 10

Check out this video from June 7th, 2019 at Brown Town of Chester Brown’s One Good Storm. I’m really starting to have some fun digging around with the video editor. We just started the YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe as we come up with more content to bring you (NWI Jam Mobile Stream..hint hint).Continue reading “Chester Brown – One Good Storm from Brown Town 10”