Dead to Rights @ Franklin House

There was a party at Franklin House Friday night when Dead to Rights took the stage. The bar was packed with people dancing all night.

Dead to Rights is:

  • Andrew Maar – guitar and vocals
  • Robbie Gas – guitar and vocals
  • Casey (Jones) Papp – bass
  • Colin Vanorder – drums
  • Rob Gass (The Dad to Rights) – percussion

Rob Gass (Dad to Rights? Grateful Dad?) can be credited with turning these guys onto Grateful Dead recordings on their trips back and forth to college and they quickly started learning how to play them and they do it very well. All night long the songs were tight musically even with the melting transitions between songs. You could tell dad was proud.

Dead to Rights first formed in June of 2018 but only played about 6 shows that year while everyone was still in college. Now that they’re out, they’ve played 36 shows since May of 2019 and the Burn’em Brewing 4/20ish Fest on the 18th will mark their 50th show. See the NWI Jam Calendar for more information.

Show 37 will be their second time at the Cubby Bear on March 12th with special guest Dan Moulder from Cream Puff Warriors. Michael Coleone from Terrapin Flyer sat in with them at their first show:


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