What’s the Scoop on The Scoop

We’ve had a couple of music fans message in wondering who this new group is debuting April 3rd with AllGood at Franklin House. We’re certainly anxiously waiting to hear it.

Justin Albright from the band messaged in and wanted to help us figure it out. The Scoop is composed of Justin Albright on guitar and vocals, Joe Baranowski also on guitar and vocals, Leah Beverly on vocals, Rich Ficek on keyboards, Eric Konefall on drums, Dana Sutter on bass, and Vaso Stojic on percussion.

If some of these names look familiar you may recognize them from these bands:

  • The Diggity – Vaso Stojic, Eric Konefall, and Leah Beverly.
  • Magnasaur and Theo – Dana Sutter
  • The Highway Band, Stealin’ the Farm, and Electric Koolaid – Rich Ficek
  • Marrakesh Express – Joe Baranowski

It certainly is a lineup worth a debut viewing plus AllGood on top of it. We just wonder how they are going to fit everyone on Franklin House’s stage?

Don’t forget to give their Facebook page a like: https://www.facebook.com/thescoopmusic

Here is the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/152164609257726/

As always, follow the NWI Jam calendar for updates and more information. Location along with links to the event in the description are contained in the calendar you can link to your own Google calendar.


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