Hotel Blotto – Night 1 Recap

Hotel Blotto opened Friday night to Mace Hathaway in the Atrium as Blottonians registered and settled in for a weekend of music.

Mace Hathaway

A little after 9, Blotto time, Mr. Blotto took the stage for 2 sets.

Hotel Blotto Friday 2.21.20

High Five
On the Tracks
Tipsy Tuesday
Kelly Marie
Let It Bleed
Solomon’s Gold
Got Nothin’ ->
Corner of My Eye

Can’t Go Back
Peter Today
People In The Middle
Southern Woman
? (Stepped out, missed it)
Time in Texas
Stormy Monday
Rattle My Cage
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Set list caught by K.C. Willis.

Chester Brown took over festivities in the bar after midnight.

Finishing the morning in the Atrium, Fuzzlove took the stage.


If you didn’t make it last night you can still come today (starts around noon) and purchase a wrist band at the hotel. Today’s lineup is jam packed. More information can be found through following the NWI Jam calendar or through the event link for today:

NWI Jam is looking forward to the final story where we are going to crowd source many more photos and videos from the fans. Stay Tuned!


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