Weekend Update – Valentines Edition…

Curious where to take your significant other for the weekend? Of course music is always the answer.


  • Reggae Express is at the IWLA Miller Chapter’s Valentine’s party (open to the public) at 7 PM.
  • Cat Man Dog’s Valentine’s party is at Wildrose Brewing Company in Griffith starting at 8 PM.


  • Cognitive Blue for their first of 2 for the day will be at Zorn Brewing at 4 PM.
  • The Sideshow returns to the (219) Taproom at 7 PM
  • Cognitive Blue resurfaces in Valpo at Martini’s at 9 PM.

If you’re looking at some of the above bands and wondering the relation. Cognitive Blue comes out of the Planetary Blues, The Sideshow is some of Phantom Zone, and Cat Man Dog comes out of the Fresh Hops crew. This should be an interesting weekend of music.

And if you have forgotten (if you have, shame) next weekend is Hotel Blotto, be sure to get your tickets. The hotel is fully booked, but that doesn’t prevent you from still going. There is a hotel across the street available too for booking rooms if you are looking to crash the nights.

As always, follow the NWI Jam calendar for updates and more information. Location along with links to the event in the description are contained in the calendar you can link to your own Google calendar.


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My name is Ed Dixon. After some friends really enjoyed some photo sets I had done I started blogging. My main subjects are usually architecture, nature, and live bands. My personal blog is found on http://spiralblue.blog.

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