Marrakesh Express Rolls into Buddy & Pals in Crown Point

It was a snowy night after a long rain but Buddy and Pal’s in Crown Point was standing room only long before the show even started. The fans were ready for Marrakesh Express.

Marrakesh Express is a tribute to Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. They are well worth the jam thumbs up when they roll into the region. Their vocals will take you back to the times of CSNY.

Greg Ashby (vocals, acoustic guitar, and harmonica), Daryl Grady (vocals and acoustic guitar), and David Varella (vocals and acoustic guitar) front the band while backed by Joe “Joe Kidd” Baranowski (electric and acoustic guitar), Pete Calacci (electric guitar), Rick Hemphill (keyboards and vocals), Mike Flannery (bass guitar) and Glenn Miller (drums). The talent is amazing reminding myself of days listening to WCKG out of Chicago.

Set 1

  • Sea of Madness
  • Wooden Ships
  • Almost Cut my Hair
  • Marrakesh Express
  • Old Man
  • Helplessly Hoping
  • Southern Cross
  • 49 Bye Byes
  • Everybody I Love You
  • Love the One Your With
  • Find the Cost of Freedom
  • You Don’t Have to Cry
  • Long Time Gone
  • Harvest Moon
  • 8 Miles High

Set 2

  • Cinnamon Girl
  • Ohio
  • Immigration Man
  • Guinevere
  • Deja Vu
  • Down By the River
  • Chicago
  • Our House
  • Carry On
  • Judy Blue Eyes


  • Helpless
  • Woodstock

Guests were treated in the second set to Guinevere and Deja Vu which they normally only play in theatre settings.

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